Electric BBQ Barbeque Machine



ith intelligent temperature control system, it can be heated quickly, so that the grill can be heated evenly and enjoy healthy and fast barbecue.All-aluminum curved heating tube, effective energy gathering, faster and more uniform heating

Compact and reasonable design: made of materials resistant to high temperatures. Resistant to heat, scratches, deformation and rust resistance.In order to consider the convenience of customers, we have a free barbecue clip and thermometer to let you have a pleasant barbecue time.

Safe grill: The metal insulation board is safer, and the bottom is made of metal heat insulation board to avoid high temperature burns to prevent the desktop temperature from being too high and the barrier property is good.

Easy to use, easy to clean: the grill is easy to install and remove and easy to use. The mobile grill is resistant to high temperatures and rust, facilitating cleaning.


We only deal goods on a wholesale order. Sorry for the retail orders. Our minimum QTY order is more than 2 pcs or more According to products types.

Delivery available for outside Kathmandu valley customers.