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Portable Magic Pocket Staff Metal Stick Arts Telescopic Rod


Portable Magic Pocket Staff Metal Stick Arts Telescopic Rod


78 in 1Tool Box Multi-function Tool Box

  • Multi-purpose Tool Set Household Combination Tool Box Manual Hardware Tool Box Multi-function Tool Box
  • 1 ctn/ 10 pcs

Bit 360 – 6 In 1 Screwdriver And Bit Set –


Bit 360 – 6 In 1 Screwdriver And Bit Set


SJ8016 ( 16 in 1 tool set) with box

  • New compact and portable designed productGood Quality Item
    Includes Everything You Might Need To Fix Basic Problems Around The Home Or Office
    Set Is Lightweight And Easily Portable Or Stored
  • Includes A Carry Case To Store All Of The Tools Neatly
  • Carry Case Has A Compact Space Saving Design
  • Makes For A Good Gift
  • Provides Good Starting Point For Beginning D.I.Y
  • Completed Tools Set
  • Easy to store
  • Light and convenient
  • Multi-tool home improvement kit
  • Easy to solve home small problem

Family Tools ( 4 in 1)

  • 1 Pc pilas
  • 1 Pc hammer
  • 1 pc screwdriver
  • 1 pcs cutter

Family Tools sets (9 in 1)

  • 1 pc hammer.
  • 1 pc measurements tape.
  • 1 pc screwdriver
  • 1 pc Cutter
  • 5 pc alin key sets

Multi Purpose Security Siren Lock Alarm Padlock BLACK


Multi Purpose Security Siren Lock Alarm Padlock 110 DB Black (60 pcs/ctn)


27 In 1 Multipurpose Tool Set for Repair and Maintenance Complete Set

  • High Quality Tool
  • 27 pcs Repairing Tool Set
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable case with handle
  • Includes tape measure, utility knife, screwdrivers and more
  • Handles are ergonomically designed and standard fluted screwdriver setAll the products made of chrome-vanadium steel which is the best materials and allowing quick and easy access
  • Packaged in a compact carrying case
  • Home tool kit containing all the essentials for light repairs around the home
  • For DIY Enthusiasts. For DIY projects and repairs, this set has the most useful tools you’ll need.

Folding Pliers Tool Pocket Multitools Pliers Knife Screwdriver


Mini Folding Pliers Portable Fishing Pliers Outdoor Hiking Fishing Tool Pocket Multitools Pliers Knife Screwdriver Bottle Opener

 400 60% Off

Electric Handy Blower

  • 8 pcs/ctn
  • Handheld Electric Blower for Cleaning Purposes.
  • Compact and lightweight less than 4 pounds
  • Powerful 5.5 Amp motor that delivers a max air velocity of 114 MPH
  • Ideal for Camp

Special Shaped Screw Driver with Y-shaped U-shaped Triangle Inner Cross Inverted Plum Blossom

  • 8-piece Set Of Special-shaped Screwdriver With Magnetizer
  • 8-piece Set Of Special-shaped Screwdriver To Add Magnet + Test Pen
  • 8-piece Set To Send Magnet + Test Pen + Electric Tape
  • 8-piece Special-shaped Screwdriver Is Not A Gift
 150 85% Off

16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Bicycle Repair Tool

  • Useful and Small: This Repair Tools Kits can help you to Fix most problems for Your Bike when your are riding outside, Super Lightweight and Small to Put into your bag or pocket
  • Good quality and durable: made of high-quality carbon steel and ABS material, professional workmanship, durable, stronger and more effective
  • Quick use, Easy collect: Special design for quick to take out and use the tool kit for repairing, and easy to collect and put them with all items together
 400 73% Off
Out Of Stock

Snap N Grip Universal Tools

  • 2 universal wrenches for all nuts and bolts
  • Efficient, practical and easy to use
  • Instantly take care of all jobs
  • Automatically fits to the size and shape of nuts and bolts
 240 76% Off

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Portable Multi Function Hammer Tool Set

  • Manufactured from high qulaity stainless steel. Comes with a carry pouch
  • This multi-tool is a “must tool” for home projects, outdoor recreation, survival & gift ideas
  • Functions include a knife, mini saw, nail file, bottle opener, hammer, combination pliers, wire stripper and a screwdriver
  • Unlockable folding blade
  • Blade under 3 inches

40pcs Ratchet Wrench Multi-function Spanner

  • 3pcs 1/4 series torx sleeves: 1/4, 5/16, 3/8;
  • 2pcs 3/8 series sleeves: 5/8 (16mm), 15mm
  • 1pc 1/4*3/8 Converter Joint
  • 1pc 3/8 ratchet wrench
 450 70% Off

40pcs Ratchet Wrench Multi-function Spanner


Bajeko pasal present product features heavy duty material the best quality for car machine and house . 40 Pc set 1/4” & 3/8″ drive metric socket wrench set . 1-3/8″ Dr.Reversible ratchet handle 8″. 1 Spinner handle. 1-Extension bar 3″. 1-1/4″(M) x 3/8″(f) adapter. 1-Big spark plug socket 21mm. 1-Spin disc. 3-1/4″ Dr.Spt.Sockets : 1/4,5/16, 3/8″ . 12-1/4″Dr.Spt.Sockets : 4 , 4.5 , 5 , 5.5, 6 , 6.5, 7,8,9,10,11,12 Mm . 3-3/8″ Dr. Spt.Sockets : 9/16, 5/8, 11/16″ . 3-3/8″ Dr.Spt.Sockets : 14,15,17 mm . 12-1/4″ Dr.Spt socket . 5/32, 3/16 , 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 13/32, 7/16, 15/32, 1/2″ A complete wrench set warranty 1 month vendor warranty against manufacturing defects in the box 1 40 pcs wrench set.


Heavy Cordless Impact Hammer Drill Set

  • Equipped with 3 functions, screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling
  • Whether it’s household reconstruction, renovation, garden work or garage repairs, consider getting this AOTUO drill as an one-stop solution.
  • Maximum 40N.M torque is ideal for drilling through or screwing in wood, metal, and plastic, fulfilling a wide range of needs.

4.8V Electric Screwdriver Cordless Drill With 45 Bits Mini Wireless Power

  • Full copper movement of motor, with metal protective shell, high speed, high torque.
  • With LED light, provide convenience for working in the darkness.
  • Lengthened switch easy to control.
  • Forward and reverse putter, L and R mean tighten and loosen screws, and the middle gear means turning off the power.
  • Two holding methods, press the PRESS button can change to gun-shaped or straight type.
  • With flexible shaft connecting link, easily handle any dead angle screws.

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