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Sinus free Spray Chinese Traditional Medical Herb Spray Rhinitis Treatment Nose Care 20ml


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  • Net content: 20ml
  • Applicable people: suitable for nursing people who snoring due to respiratory system, cold, ENT, oral cavity and other discomforts
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Main ingredients:
  • 1. Polysorbate-80:
  • Promote smooth breathing, restore nerve and muscle excitability, and keep mucous membranes lastingly moist
  • 2. Glycerin:
  • Keep the respiratory tract moisturizing and lubricating, promote airway patency and avoid mucous membrane drying and congestion
  • 3. Sodium chloride:
  • Keeps airways lubricated and maintains normal excitability of nerves and muscles
  • 4. Potassium Sorbate:
  • Bacteriostasis inhibits inflammation caused by congestion and hypertrophy of respiratory mucosa
  • 5. Edetate two sodium:
  • Stabilizer, antibacterial, and increase mucosal contractility, eliminate snoring symptoms
  • The principle of snoring
  • Most of them are due to the obstruction of the airway, and the pharyngeal tract narrows when a person sleeps.
  • Or blockage, the passage of airflow causes the muscles to vibrate, resulting in snoring.
  • Anti-snoring principle
  • By lubricating and softening the pharyngeal mucosa, keeping the mucosa moist, reducing airway resistance
  • To improve breathing obstruction, reduce or eliminate snoring symptoms.
  • How to use: intranasal spray, use it 30 minutes before going to bed, when spraying, stand up, clean the nostrils first, put the nozzle into the nasal cavity a little, press the spray head 1-2 times, tilt the head slightly, try to avoid the liquid flowing into the throat.
  • Precautions
  • 1. Avoid spicy food during use
  • 2. Those who are allergic to this product should be used with caution
  • 3. Store in a sealed, dark and dry place.
  • 4. Nasal spray, 2-3 times a day, 1-2 sprays each time. (When the symptoms are strong, the frequency of use can be increased moderately)
  • Comment:
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  • 3. SKU color is the color of product packaging
  • Package Included:
  • 1*Snoring spray

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