Pest Reject Repeller


  • Get Rid Of Nasty Pests! The Insect Repeller Electronic Is A Full Proof Way Of Getting Rid Of Pesky Mosquitoes. It Can Be Effective As Large Range As 120 Square Meters.The Pest Reject Will Help You Eliminate All Those Nasty Insects And Pests Without Moving A Finger
  • Ultrasonic And Eco-Friedly! .Ultrasonic Insect Repeller It Repels Rodents, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Flies And Many More Types Of Insects.Creates A Non-Toxic Pest Barrier.The Plugin Pest Repeller Operates With High Ultrasonic Sound Frequencies That Will Bug All Small Insects And Pests, But Are Safe For You And Your Pets. Humans And Animals Cannot Hear These High Frequency Sounds Which Are Harmless For Humans And Large Pets. Size: 80 X 50 X 28Mm
  • Bye Bye Insects And Insecticides.Constantly-Changing Signal Drives Pests Crazy. Insecticides Are Poisons, They Are Dangerous, Toxic Chemicals That Often Target The Nervous System Of Insects. Get Rid Of These Chemicals From Your Life With This Amazing Ultrasonic Insect Pest Control Device. It Can Disorder Insects And Pests Endocrine System And Physiological Function
  • Easy To Use. This Insect Repeller Plug In Should Be Placed At 80-120 Centimeter Away From The Floor. It Can Be Plugged Directly To Ac 220V Or 110V. Use 1 For Each Room – For Best & Fastest Results. Widely Use In Home, Warehouse, Hotel, Hospital, Etc
  • 100% Safe And Hazard Free.Pest Reject Naturally Drives Pests Out But Not Killing Them. No Need To Clean Up Dead Insects And Rodents. Pest Reject Creates An Uncomfortable Environment For Pests So They Simply Leave Typically After A Few Short Weeks Of Use Odorless.


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