Hair Regrow 7 Day, Ginger Germinal Essential Oil Hair Growth MEN & WOMEN 30G


  • Stimulates the scalp and prevents the production of DHT (a damaging compound which causes follicles to shrink). This prevents further loss, allowing your hair to thrive.
  • Effectively penetrate the scalp and strengthen hair root.
  • Shelf life: 3 years. For both women and men.
  • Net weight: 10ml or 30ml
  • Package include: 1pc Ginger Hair Growth Serum


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  • Accelerates hair growth and thickening by 30%-40%, meaning twice the results in half the time.
  • Powerful and immediate repair of current damaged hair.
  • Conditions hair to keep it healthy and tangle free throughout the day.
  • Actively strengthens and thickens hair, reducing hair bifurcation and unsightly split ends.