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Impulse Sealer Heat Sealing Machine Vacuum Bag Sealer Plastic Sealer 200mm, 250mm, 300mm

  • 200mm:- Rs.1150, Rs.250mm:- Rs.1350, 300mm:- 1500
  • 【Convenient & Efficient】–The food sealer takes up little space in your kitchen and extremely easy to clean. Fast vacuum sealing with low vibration, low noise, safety lock design keeps the food sealing machine tightly closed when being operated. It’s convenient for your life, should be have one in the kitchen.
  • 【Keep Freshness】–Prevents mold and bacteria growth, keep the nutrition and flavor of the food, eliminate frozen burns and reduce deterioration. Food fresh 10 x longer than ordinary storage methods, avoiding food waste and saving money. Save time to buy food at the supermarket.
  • 【Dual Mode of Dry / Wet Food】–Two sealing methods guarantee perfect preservation based on the type of food that needs to be sealed. Dry mode of dry foods (eg. aged cheese, sausages, etc.) and wet mode of wet foods (eg. fresh meat, fresh fish, etc.).You can also use dry mode to protect jewelries, important documents and photos.
  • 【Small Body & Light weight】– With slim body, the sealer is easy to storage, which can save your space. Its light weight make it portable and you can use it is everywhere.
  • 【Professional】– Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with the food vacuum sealer machine. Please refer the User Manual carefully before use.

Plain Peel & Seal E-Commerce Packaging Bags All Size



  • 8*10 inch (100 pcs)/ packet Rs.750/-
  • 10*14 inch (100 pcs)/ packet Rs.950/-
  • 12*16 inch (100 pcs)/packet Rs.1150/-
  • 15*19 inch (100 pcs)/ packetRs.1600/-
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